toutapp email templates, analytics and scheduling from your iPhone

Are you tired of copying and pasting the same emails over and over to run your Business? Do you keep having to wait to go back to your desk to follow up on those important meetings and connections?

Increase your email productivity by templating these frequently sent emails:

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  • Share your Contact Information Quickly

    When you sign up, you'll automatically get a "Contact Information" template that you can use to quickly follow up with people you meet at networking events, conferences or meetings with a simple email. Maybe you can finally leave the business cards at home!

  • Create your own Templates

    Once you have registered, you can always log onto Toutapp online from you computer to customize your existing templates and create more. Our Template Library also shows you other kinds of templates you can use to communicate better in your business.

  • Track Views/Clicks

    Not only does MSC make it easy to send Emails, you can also use it to track whether the people you've emailed has viewed your email, or clicked on a particular link.

  • Schedule your Emails

    MSC lets you schedule your follow up email to be delivered 3 hours later, or even 3 days later. Send the Email now, let them receive it later -- so you'll just look like you're "on top of your game."

Use MSC on your computer too!

Marketo Sales Connect for iPhone works tightly with our web-based application where you can:

  • Create more Email templates
  • Send Emails your web browser quickly
  • Track the status of your Emails
  • Integrate with CRMs, Gmail, and other platforms

You can learn more at our here: